JAPAN KuMo Office


The Kuma Mobile Offices, or KuMo Offices, are a selection of experimental co-working spaces designed by Kengo Kuma to be installed throughout Japan. The first edition of these mobile offices is the ‚KAGU House‘ in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, but the architecture firm has already designed a wooden satellite office in another Hokkaido town, Higashikawa. Made of local wood and with earthquake-resistant walls, the wooden offices offer a warm and safe environment that puts employees in touch with their natural surroundings.

Higashikawa is famous for its production of wooden furniture. Kengo Kuma and Associates therefore collaborated with these factories to shape the workspace: a group of three units made of local wood with sloping roofs. Each volume can accommodate up to 12 people and consists of a kitchen, bathrooms, living area and meeting room. Furthermore, the complex is connected to the nearby municipal library.

This project represents a new experiment, focusing on local materials and on reducing the boundaries between architecture and furniture

Source: Domusweb.it

Photo by Kengo Kuma Associates

Progetto: "JK21"